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 Character Profiles!

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PostSubject: Character Profiles!   Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:44 pm

Post your Fantasy World Character profiles here!! there isn't a limit on how many characters you can have, but try not to have too many or it might seem just a LITTLE god-moddy. God-Modding=BAD. If you want more than one character, post them all in the same comment and send me a note if you want more than one.

Remember: repeated BAD=BAN-HAMMER. TO THE FACE.

Your character can be ANYTHING. However, I'd advise you to send either myself or a moderator a personal message if you want to create a god or some other all-powerful thing. it wouldn't do to just let everyone have one, now, would it? XD

If your character changes their continent of residence then please update your post. ^^

Character Creator can be found here

Also, if you have any pictures of your character(s), feel free to post them here! Very Happy

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PostSubject: My Characters   Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:42 pm


Name: Merceus DeMartes
Race: Corrupted Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: A man between mid and late life. He is of above average height, though he has a slight hunch that brings him down to mere average height. His head is completely bald, though his forehead and temples are host to four symmetrically placed protrusions similar to tiny horns, jutting out of his skin. His limbs are long and near fleshless, though he exhibits and invisible aura of power and strength. He wears deepest magenta robes and bone jewellery on his wrists and around his neck.
Powers/Skills: He is incredibly strong despite his appearance. He is also capable of levitation, telekinesis, empathic influence by eye contact or voice, and can cast fire balls from his hands.
History: One of the first of the race of Men, Merceus found the Demons at the heart of Castaroph and was seduced by their promises of power and omnipotence. He took up the souls of these demons and became a powerful being, though he would lose his power if he were to leave the borders of Castaroph, and such would revert to his true self, now nothing more then dust on the wind.
Continent of Residence: Castaroph.
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PostSubject: My characters   Sat Jun 27, 2009 2:10 am


Race: Pure Power, former human.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Trilbydude wears The Hat of Awesome, The Bandanna Of Power, The Shades Of Evil and The Cloak of Infinity. To look at him, he is a fairly average male human, but looks can be deceptive. He wields the great Banhammer one-handed, even though the Banhammer itself would normally take several strong men to lift.

Powers/Skills: Trilbydude has exceptional strength, stronger than the most powerful recorded Demon in the solar system. He is also the one and only being known to be able to break the God-Modding Law of the solar system, and has the power to Perma-Ban any user he finds sufficiently Irritating and give their character a particularly shameful death. In addition, he has the power to Teleport instantly from place to place as well as the power to Break The Fourth Wall.

History: Legends speak of Trilbydude, that he was the very first being in existence within the Edge of Logic. Past that, his trail of victories and inspired followers continues to grow to this day.

Continent of Residence: The Trilbydude has no fixed residence, as he does not need to eat, sleep, or rest.


Race: Vampire (human)

Class: Evil Overlord

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kaled has a very short mullet, greased back tight on his head. he has vampire fangs but he doesn't make a big deal of them, and his beard is pulled into two fang-like spikes beneath his chin. He often wears either robes or a battle outfit, which will consist of either full plate armour or slightly more sith-like clothes.

Powers/Skills: Kaled Orson is a master necromancer. He can raise an army of zombies with little more than a minute's concentration, and he can control them with little to no effort at all. On top of that, he is a brilliant potions-maker, having created many unique and deadly concoctions over the years. He is an incredible swordsman, being fast as lightning and powerful as thunder when he attacks, and he can shatter souls with his lance. In battle he will often create an undead mount for himself, depending on how the mood takes him.

History: Kaled was the heir to an ancient family of Vampires from the continent of castaroph. However, as a young boy he was exiled to Lucrezia for insolence and there he created his stronghold in the Sheikh mountains. about twenty five years ago, he sired a son named Ferrix. He is currently working on a secret potion that he says will "make the world know his name".

Continent/Planet of Residence: Lucrezia, the Sheikh Mountains.

Any other interesting stuff: He will often stare at the full moon, when it is out.


Race: Half-Werewolf (human)

Class: Avenging Paladin.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Ferrix's face is twisted. He has tanned skin from years spent in the desert, and he is covered in scars from his torture at the hands of his father. He has pointed ears, and he wears armour over one arm and the opposite quarter of his torso in honour of his God. He is more likely to snarl than smile in person. His features are almost wolf-like, but he is clearly human.

Powers/Skills: Ferrix Orson is a prophet of the great god Marrad. He is skilled with a sword and lance and he can ride bareback on a horse, although he prefers a saddle. he has superhuman endurance, due to his vampire father and his were-curse. He does not turn into a wolf, instead he is in a state fixed between the two.

He is a powerful spokesperson, and he is incredibly charismatic despite how he looks. He can convince people of things when they would normally shun them, and has often had to do so in his life.

History: As a young boy, Ferrix was put into the service of his insane father very early. He was a leader of his father's undead army, but after his eighteenth birthday his father kidnapped him and subjected him to a torturous ritual, twisting him into the half-werewolf he is today. Ferrix managed to escape before the ritual was complete, which is why he is not a full werewolf, and after stealing a horse he escaped to the deadly deserts of the northwest of Lucrezia. On the way, he discovered the ancient temple of Marrad, at the northenmost point of the continent. He was visited by Marrad, who is also known as The Wanderer, and recieved a mission. He was ordered to keep it secret, and he means to do so.

Continent of Residence: Lucrezia.

Any other interesting stuff: No, he's seriously NOT going to tell you what his mission is. XD

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PostSubject: McKenzi Profile   Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:39 pm

Name: McKenzi

Race: Unknown

Class (optional): Thief

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://foxx-demon-fire.deviantart.com/art/1-My-Inner-Self-1-124941461

Powers (if any)/Skills: Running, thinking, getting into people's heads, teleporting, hearing, controlling water, stealing, withstanding extreme temperatures, and hurting people with her tail.

History: Was traveling for a perfect town to live in and came upon one. It was by the sea. She doesn't have much of a history because she just appeared there.

Continent/Planet of Residence: Great Britain, Europe, Earth.

Any other interesting stuff: When she teleports, it seems she has turned into water and it's left floating in the air, falling slowly, or just on the walls. To teleport, she jumps in the air and curls up, but this action is done very quickly (about half a second). She can escape very easily and lives in an alley like a stray cat.
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PostSubject: Multiple Characters ^_^   Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:51 am

Shringrad - The Half-Elf Prince.
Character Name: Shringrad
Age: 21

Race: Half Elf

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, thin, slightly tan in color. Has Green eye's and dark blue hair. Multiple scars around his body.

History: A battle hardened Elven soldier that was of high rank until his superiors found out that he was part human. Now, striped of his rank, he wonders the land looking for a town that will accept his background.

Personality: Very considerate to others. Cautious in new environments or around new people, but also very helpful towards anyone in trouble.

Weaknesses: Every so often, if something or someone were to remind him of his past life in the army, he would go into a shock like state.

Weapon: An oak long bow with swan feather fetched arrows. Iron tips. Also, he has a navy blue, one hand sword. Can use some elven magic.

Other: Wears no armor other than the ragged clothes on his back. Has the ability to connect with nature in a way that allows him to feel what other animals around him feel.

Chinan - The Vampire
Name: Chinan

Age: 50 (Since bitten, appears to be in his early twenties.)

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Appearance: Red, short hair that often covers part of his face. Eyes that match his hair, as well as chalk white skin. Often wears a black robe with a red trim.

History: He was bitten in an ally in his Hometown, which he was run out of days later. He murdered multiple people from the town, only to flee because of the entire town trying to kill him. He barely made it out alive. He grew up with out his parents and was an only child, causing him to be very lonely.

Personality: He is very lazy and hunts only on occasion. When he is angry, he is extremely aggressive. Hates violence unless he sees it necessary.

Weakness: Usual vampire weaknesses (Holy water, stake to the heart, ext.) As well as his laziness getting him in trouble sometimes.

Weapon: A thin, long, blood red sword. Throwing knives.

Other: Rarely trust others unless they have earned it.

Anaria - The Shape Shifter[u]
Name: Anaria

Age: Unknown

Race: Shape Shifter

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tale, fair skinned with short, blond hair to her shoulders. Often wearing a jeans with a tank top. If transformed, looks like who ever she transformed into in every way, including weapons and clothing.

History: Doesn't know anything about herself other than she is the result of a experiment that went wrong.

Personality: Slightly mean, likes to mess with people she doesn't like. Can be friendly, but only sometimes. Sometimes too trustful of others.

Weakness: Being called a freak. She completely losses it, making her much more predictable.

Weapon: What ever the weapons of the person she's in the form of. If she's in her basic form, she has one, single, thin dagger.

Other: Sometimes obtains character traits of the person she's in the form of.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles!   

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Character Profiles!
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