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 The Toad's Wart

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The Toad's Wart Empty
PostSubject: The Toad's Wart   The Toad's Wart I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 5:33 pm

Signs of what once was here before the arrival of the Demon's takes form in the image of a ruined village, burned to the ground many years ago. Only one building remains standing, and oddly, still occupied, The Toad's Wart. An Inn where weary travelling can stop, have a drink and a chat, and catch a bed for te night. Provided of course, they bear Demon blood in their veins.

All are free to enter, though Burlow, the horned dwarf barman, will be sure to ramp up the prices for those not of the Underworld. Prove you are of Demon decent or power, if not an actual demon, or else you will have to pay a terrible price, almost four times that of the other patrons!
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The Toad's Wart
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