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 Background of Edge of Logic

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PostSubject: Background of Edge of Logic   Background of Edge of Logic I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 6:39 pm

The Edge of Logic Solar System has several planets in it.

Most importantly, the Fantasy World is one of those. It sits alongside the City World, The Ice World, The Desert World and all of the others!

However, there is a powerful magical spell on the Fantasy World that means any and all technology taken there will instantly break and become useless. If any character tries to break it open to fix it, or show others how to build a copy of it, the mechanisms will turn to dust and scatter instantly on the winds.

As well as that, apart from VERY particular items, there are no technologically advanced objects on the Fantasy World, as they have not, and CAN not have been developed.

Therefore, the Fantasy World acts exactly like a normal fantasy world, and it has NO "high" technology.

All Edge of Logic planets have magic on them. However, the majority of them prefer technology as it is easier to use and easier to improve. There are several black holes just outside the solar system, and they have given rise to the incredible variety of technologies, species, magics and experiences that belong in the Edge of Logic solar system.

Any characters will be a result of this, one way or another.

Oh, and... one more thing... Gods are Very, VERY real throughout the Edge of Logic solar system. Try not to annoy them, huh?

So grab your profile, take a deep breath and get stuck in!!!

We hope you enjoy your stay!
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Background of Edge of Logic
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