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 Hannah's ship

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Hannah's ship Empty
PostSubject: Hannah's ship   Hannah's ship I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2009 12:16 pm

Hannah sunk deeper into her chair. If there is anything worse than boredom she couldn’t think of it right now. Her ship was for a long time now floating in space, so she wasn’t sure where it was at the moment and she felt too lazy to check the coordinates. She only knew that it was far from Irk and that suited her. They’ve successfully finished the last robbery and now the crew, on her discontent, wanted a brief respite. Besides, they enjoyed more counting money than stealing it like Hannah.
They’d be lost without me. She sighed. Incapable bunch of morons.
Without many ideas what to do dark thoughts ran through her head. Dark thoughts that can only form in dark people’s minds. Still, she tossed them aside and gazed through the window. If she saw a planet full of volcanos she’d probably head straight to explore it. Maybe even bring someone with her to check how deep they are.
But she didn’t. Space was magnificently… empty.
“Empty” she said out loud. Usually calming picture now seemed irritating. She looked at the ceiling.
“I wish something happened.”
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Hannah's ship
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