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 Maintenance Sector (Port)

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Maintenance Sector (Port) Empty
PostSubject: Maintenance Sector (Port)   Maintenance Sector (Port) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 7:26 pm

Devoted to the overall upkeep of Marshcrawler A17, the maintenance sector, at the brow of the port-side, is comprised entirely of warehouse after warehouse, though what is held within can vary greatly.

There are warehouses full of harvested or imported food, warehouses with machinery, filtering the water from the swamps to make it safe. There are cattle warehouses, postage, storage and private use warehouses. And of course, there are the Maintenance Warehouses, by far the largest of the lot.

These are home to the engineers who keep A17 running, and where access can be gained via the ventilation tunnels and underground passages to the rest of A17, avoiding the congesting traffic of the streets above, especially the Market Run.

This is also where workers descend to the lowest parts of the Crawler, so that they may enter the Swamps below to perform maintenance on the outer hull and tracks of A17.
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Maintenance Sector (Port)
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