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 A Young New Planet Painted With A Whithered Smile

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PostSubject: A Young New Planet Painted With A Whithered Smile   A Young New Planet Painted With A Whithered Smile I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 5:53 pm

"Today is the day that will start the change for the human race as we know it! Project 104 will begin today, the first steps into our future, our growth. We will bend Faith and buckle Sciences, the new era of space travel will be close! To the new era! To the beginning of our dreams!" The same old crud was on the radio, again, the president talking his regular drivvle to try and pull the locals' vote for their brand new way into 'The Next Era'... I'm betting it's only 104 because it's the amount of times they facked up.
The boy at his console had his radio turned up for his mum to hear the what she was in for. She bought it, she always did. He'd be glued to the flashing screen with a gun like thing that seemed to be the controller in hand, the game seemed to be pretty intense, cold shooting of some intergalactic kind with some large scale war with such astounding graphics you wouldn't whether or not it was real. He'd move and the character would move, he'd press the button and the gun would fire, overrated gaming seemed to still be in fashion.


"Hey, what was that for?" The boy looked to his older brother, rubbing the back of his head. His blonde shaggy hair ruffling between his fingers. His brother had smacked around the back of the head with the remote control to the T.V, it was only little but it still hit him hard.
"Get off the console, I want to watch T.V." The older brother sat down on the brown leather seats, pushing the cushions out from beneath him after realising how damn uncomfortable they were. He was wearing his regular top brand shirt and some kind of fashionable tight jeans. A real modern get-up. It seemed to resemble the ideas of future designs in those old Sci-Fi's.
"Oh great..." He sat back and the screen sprung with text saying 'Saving' and the console would then quickly turn off, springing to the channel that it was left on. It was The President's speach...
"Not this crap..." The older brother turned it over, flicking through what seemed to be an endless amount of channels he eventually got to some music channel. Again... Same old poop on T.V.
"Please, not this..." They were playing the top ten but seeing as it was the birthday of some famous brat it was much worse. Hip-Hop turds jumping about the screen talking their balls off to 'express' themselves.
"Why, it's pimpin'!" The older brother was bobbing his head along, he had obviously set his fashion sense under the idolization of these douchebags, same shaped spikey hair and so on. White rap always has and always be bad. The beat was unexplainabley bad, it sounded like a car alarm going off and they were rapping over the top of it.
"I can't take it!" A split second later the remote was snatched and turned to an education channel. Dad was home. He was big and well built, suit wearing and carrying a large briefcase type thing, very smart.

Everyone was now sat infront of the T.V, The boy looked about the family for a moment, seeing their dumbened faces stuck in place. He sighed then left.
"Sam, where you going?" The mum asked with her soft voice.
"I'm going upstairs, reading a book or something." Sam replied. He shuffled up the stairs on all fours, in a playful and childish manor. Climbing the metal, winding stairwell in a quick progression.

He entered his room, small, messy, clothes everywhere, games sprawled about, band posters on white walls, the floor was barely seen... A typical boys room. He quickly jumped to his large queen sized bed and leaned over to his open wardrobe and pulled out a book, it was fantasy, based on Super Beings and other such misadventures. The front cover had some kind of man with long hair and a trilby, he seemed to be quite far in the big book, thick and full of pages. Pages covered in comic strips.
As Sam would read it would seem like time would fly by, once 3pm, now 8! He was a lot further through the enourmous novel but he felt tired, he slumpt down and cornered the page before dropping on the floor beside him. He threw his space-aged clothes to the floor and quickly fell asleep.

"It's about now where you should be pulling the trigger." A blurred man stood before Sam, he was tall, male, dark skinned and had large extravogent hair, his face was blurry and unable to be seen "Come on, ya scared?" He seemed to be trying to intimidate the boy. They were stood in a blood covered room, corpses of unknown creatures about the floor, what a mess, even if it was unable to be seen properly. The opposing man lifted his hand and lowered the gun that was raised to him. "If you can't kill me now, you never will." The man quickly turned and-

Sam jumped up in his bed into a 90 degree angle, he looked out his window and it was morning, a nice light was starting to pour in. He quickly got dressed in his clothes then ran out the door, eating his full english breakfast as fast as he could to leave the dreary home and meet with his friends.

He'd get to the park on his speedboard (a skateboard like thing that hovered slightly and would move much faster than most vehicles), he'd jump about doing some tricks over benches and around people, showing off slightly but who cares? He'd eventually get to the small green park and awaited his friends at a bench near the swings. The atmosphere was odd, different to usual and Sam didn't know why? He looked about in impatience...

((OOC: K guys, I want you all to join this as his mates, we're all humans for now, normal people. As the years go on and the Project continues we will change our race and evolve by jumping years. This first bit is to get the warm-up and basic ideas of the chars then I'll jump us to our adult years. Good RPing, and all join please!!!!))
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A Young New Planet Painted With A Whithered Smile
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