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 Character Profiles!

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PostSubject: Character Profiles!   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 6:49 pm

Post your Sci-Fi Solar System Character profiles here!! there isn't a limit on how many characters you can have, but try not to have too many or it might seem just a LITTLE god-moddy. God-Modding=BAD. If you want more than one character, post them all in the same comment and send me a note if you want more than one.

Remember: repeated BAD=BAN-HAMMER. TO THE FACE.

Your character can be ANYTHING. However, I'd advise you to send either myself or a moderator a personal message if you want to create a god or some other all-powerful thing. it wouldn't do to just let everyone have one, now, would it? XD

If your character changes their planet of residence, please modify your profile here! ^^

Character Creator can be found here

Also, if you have any pictures of your character(s), feel free to post them here! Very Happy

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PostSubject: My Characters   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 4:57 am

RAM (and Ace)

Name: Ram, and Ace
Race: Irken
Gender: Male
Appearance: Irken with pale skin and dark purple eyes. He wears a black leather duster and has neat, straight antennae. His face is lowered into a permanent pout. Ace (Advanced Combat Efficiency Unit), is similar in appearance to a SIR unit, though roughly twice the height and far bulkier. He also has a single eyes rather then two and a pair of Power Claws as well as two toes on each foot.
Powers/Skills: Ram’s Duster is home to a large array of weapons and gadgets including an image inducer, stealth and force field generators and a small swarm of miniaturised ACE Units.
History: After Kanden caused havoc on Irk, the tallest sent out Ram, one of the Irken Special Ops soldiers, out to hunt and kill him. His search continues.
Planet of Residence: Space, aboard his shuttle.
Any other interesting stuff: Ram is a little over average height for an Irken, which unfortunately downcasts him and overshadows the fact that he has an intelligence that could potentially be one of the greatest among all Irkens.



Name: Merceus MkI
Race: Human (cyborg)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Merceus MkI is a towering human of at least 9’ in height. All four of his limbs have been replaced with bionic limbs, far larger then his originals, and far more deadly. Most of his torso and head are also bionic replacements. His skin is like dark, wrinkled leather and his one non-bionic eye is a sunken well of darkness with a dark blue eye staring out of its depths. The outer layers of his bionic parts are rusted and covered in dirt from the ages he has spent dormant, the insides however are still in working condition thanks to the advanced technology behind their creation.
Powers/Skills: Merceus MkI is about as strong as a 9’ tall humanoid can be, and then some. He is slow on his feet however, but the speed at which he processes all that happens around him allows him to react quickly, whether verbally or
History: Merceus MkI was an early attempt in creating Super Soldiers, and by far one of the most successful, though also one of the least loyal. He became quickly corrupted by his own inner demons, destroying half of his own forces before leaving into the dark void of space. He now orbits the Systems sun in close proximity to the Dead World aboard his starship.
Planet of Residence: In orbit of the Sun, close proximity to the Dead World.
Any other interesting stuff: Merceus’ bionic limbs can be swapped out for large melee weapons and even larger guns. His glowing red bionic eye is also able to focus radioactive waves on anything he looks at if he so desires.

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PostSubject: My Characters   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 5:06 am

Name: Kanden

Race: Mostly-Irken

Class: Rogue/Avatar

Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall Irken, roughly six or so feet, with pale skin and burgundy eyes.

Powers/Skills: Kanden has absolute power over Shadows. In addition, he can teleport, float, transform to increase his power and do pretty much anything else he wants to kick your ass.

History: Kanden cannot remember any of his past before a few years ago, when he woke up on Irk without a PAK and half-destroyed the planet as he tried to escape. Since then, he has acquired his own ship and has three children with his Mate, Rana. A few months back he entered one of the black holes in his galaxy, and now he\'s here.

Continent/Planet of Residence: Open Space.

Any other interesting stuff: he\'s kind of a flirt Wink

Name: Varracca

Race: Blackpaw Wookiee

Class: Jedi Master/Rogue (I seem to have a thing for rogues going on, huh? xD)

Gender: Male

Appearance: A wookiee with black fur covering his paws. Blackpaw wookiees are much more humanoid than normal wookiees, and his fur is thinner than normal wookiees too. He wears a large black cape with a red inside lining, and a redt shirt and a jacket. Two lightsabers hang from straps around his waist and legs. His eyes have black irises and white pupils.

Powers/Skills: Varracca is powerful in the ways of the force. He created a style of lightsaber fighting in which two lightsabers become joined at the hilts, effectively becoming a double-sided lightsaber, and his wookiee strength only adds to it.

History: Varracca was taken into the jedi order sixty years before its dissolving. he was at the rank of jedi knight at the time of Order 66, and he fled to the furthest reach of the galaxy to escape the imperial army. In his travels, he met a force ghost of an ancient jedi master, who taught him the final lessons and deemed him worthy of the rank of master. He took to scouring the galaxy to find a solution to the imperial problem, but ended up being taken into a black hole. currently, he lives on the Jungle Planet.

Continent/Planet of Residence: Jungle Planet.

Any other interesting stuff: He can talk completely normally, due to not being a true wookiee. He meditates a lot, and he\'s far faster than his size might suggest.[left]

Name: S (pronounced Ess, lol)

Race: Human

Class: Gang Leader

Gender: Female

Appearance: S has short, spiky blonde hair and wears leather trousers. She generally carries a gun with her and she wears a large tank top with a long jacket over it. She has buckles and straps over most of her clothing, but she doesn't have overly-heavy or dark clothes.

Powers/Skills: S is a great shot with most guns and has experience fighting hand-to-hand with many weapons, including steel poles, chains and swords. She can also ride a Bike and owns an enormous, black one with multiple built-in weapons. She is also an experienced Cityrunner, and one of her favourite things to do is climb onto high buildings and watch over her domain. She also has an illegal neural uplink, and so can interface with almost all computers and technology when she needs to.

History: S's family arrived on the City Planet a long time ago, but she was seperated from them as a child and had to live on the streets with a male friend. After surviving a battle between two great and evil gang leaders, she was rescued by a mysterious woman. After this, she fought against the other gangs and eventually, as a young woman, she managed to create a gang of her own. Nowadays she fights the other gangs at the head of one of the strongest gangs in the solar system. gang gang gang. ging gang gooly.

Continent/Planet of Residence: City Planet, The Streets.

Any other interesting stuff: she has a long scar on her neck, from her chest to her left ear.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles!   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 7:07 am

Name: Draconas

Race: irken

Gender: male

https://2img.net/h/i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm205/draconas88/RP%20peoples/Draconasreadyforwar.jpg (this is a unreleased, non color non clean version will replace with a colored and cleaned version later)
http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs42/f/2009/072/5/f/Draconas__s_new_look_by_draconas88.png (just for color reference)

Skills: just the usual Irken elite stuff with some martial arts and upgrades he picked up on his travels

History: He awoke on Miyukia 3 in his hidden lab and knew he had just died but didn't know how or who had killed him just that he was "dead" and must remain that for a period of time before he could return to the empire unnoticed.
So he headed to an area far from the empire's reach and wound up on a planet that reminded him of Foodcourtia just less ads and didn't smell of deep fryer fat but looked equally seedy and the kind of place someone wanting to hide could go.

Planet of Residence: City World

Any other interesting stuff: each one of the scars on his left arm is a promise to someone he killed

[if i think of anything else will add later]
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PostSubject: Character information - Rana, Gavin   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 2:00 pm

Added a new character (Gavin) 2-nd of September 2009

This is gonna be REALLY long, so... Here goes. The marked with stars and in bold are "new" things, I just liked to add. Here goes.

Name: Rana (full name will not be revealed)

Like a Star @ heavenAge: Really, really old. More than 30 thousand earth years, but she is probably way older.

Race: Black dragon (but has an irken form)

Class (optional): Necromancer/Pyromancer

Gender: Female

~~Dragon form/True appearance~~
50 feet tall black dragon, 62 feet with tail. Her whole body is black, except for her red chest and belly. She has two giant wings, about 75 feet from one tip to the other. Has two hands, each with two fingers and a thumb, two legs each with two "toes" and a third "claw" somewhere at her ankle's level, similar to a dog's foot. Has two horns on her head and sharp, white teeth. She has red (ruby red) pupils and dark red (almost to maroon) eyes.

~~Irken from~~
A 5 feet 5 inches tall female irken, with medium long, curved antennas with a normal (male irken) tip. Has dark red eyes with red, cat like pupils and two eyelashes (see my avatar for a better reference). Almost always bare foot, because of her third toe (on the side of her foot, below her ankle). Has very dark green skin and is very skinny.

Like a Star @ heavenPicture(s): Irken and dragon form.

Powers (if any)/Skills: In her usual (irken) form, she can cast both fire and darkness related spells. She can use some attacks targeted at her for either attacking back or restoring energy. She mostly uses fireballs, telepathy, teleportation, manipulation (which she's really good at, gathering thousands of years worth of experience) and levitation. She has a lot more power than she shows, because she doesn't want anyone to know where her limits are. As a dragon, she can breath fire, teleport, fight (almost always fights dirty - she can kick, punch, whip with her tail, use her sharp claws and teeth...), fly (duh), levitate, manipulate and at times - make a smoke monster after a fire breath. Has both attack and protection "spells".

Like a Star @ heavenWeaknesses: Kanden (mostly), Clarisa, her children (from Kanden), her body's weak spot is her neck, unless she protects it with one of her "spells".

History: A lot about her past is unknown. One of the things that IS known is that she somehow got around to being Kanden's mate (as well as the other way around >,>) and now has three children from him. She loves her family (Kanden and her children from him) and is most likely going to rip your face or burn you, or so something extremely painful to you, if you even THINK about hurting her family. How she came to be here remains a mystery, but it's most likely she was going after Kanden.

Continent/Planet of Residence: Is currently flying towards the Desert world

Any other interesting stuff: She is one hell of a bitch, but she'd do anything for her friends (which she doesn't really have but IF she had any, she would) and family (which consist of Kanden, her three children from him, Clarisa, who is Rana's great, great, great... About 18 times "great"... granddaughter and Clarisa's two children (from Clarisa's mate, Azrael) - Dama and Boris). She loves to have fun in bed, but usually avoids long term relationships. Only exception is her mate, Kanden. She'd stick to him for eternity, most likely because they are both pretty much immortal (or really REALLY hard to kill. And are pretty old, thus they probably won't die from old age)


Name: Gavin

Like a Star @ heavenAge: Over two thousand years.

Race: Irken, bitten by a human vampire

Class (optional): Cleaner... Ugh... Some class that has to do with cleaning stuff >,> Alchemist, most likely

Gender: Male

Appearance: Very tall male irken, with redish eyes and orangish eye shines, pale green skin. His clothes, even when dirty look CLEAN. Usually wears earth clothes like jeans and hoodies, but at times likes to "relax" and wears pants and shirts. In his "vampire form" he looks pretty much the same, except he has cat like pupils instead of eye shines and fangs. He's a couple of inches over 6 feet. He is rather skinny, but has some muscles.

Like a Star @ heavenPicture(s): None available (for now)

Powers (if any)/Skills: Can teleport, levitate, clean very fast (XD Don't ask, just read on) and a couple of other useful things he doesn't like others to know about.

Like a Star @ heavenWeaknesses: Holy water, but not really water in general (like most irkens). The sun, but only if it's strong, like in the middle of summer (he is able to protect his skin from the sun, but it has some side effects). Cleaning things (He loves them). Hannah (who belongs to Fudgymaniac ;P He has a... THING for her).

History: About two (or three, who knows?) hundred years ago, Gavin was just a normal irken (with some alchemist abilities that he almost never used), at that time irkens were still natural born and didn't have Paks, but they did have advanced technology, that decided to travel off of Irk to find another planet to get and start his new life on. He traveled for a long while until he reached a planet called by it's residents "Earth". He traveled around it, settling first on an island like continent with big brown jumping mice like creatures with big pouches on their stomaches. But after a while he got bored and decided to travel again, this time to a smaller island, somewhere in the north hemisphere. He settled in a village with some pretty nice folks. He was happy and helpful. He even met the first earthen girl he fell in love with. They started dating and after a while he was even ready to marry her and maybe reveal he's actually an alien (since he was covering it up by a human disguise, a holographic image of a human boy). But it turned out the girl was a "black widow", a sort of... Vampire like female that appeared to be normal by day, not being harmed by the sun, since they were mostly human, but at night became deadly for all males not of their blood. And even sometimes of their own blood as well. He got bitten by her, but not killed and thus, turned into a vampire hybrid of sorts. In his rage and pain he killed her. Because of her, he started to not trust anyone anymore. He became cold and started isolating himself from others. He was paranoid this would happen again and so he started acting vain and selfish. As time passed he built himself a castle somewhere on a hill, somewhere where he could be alone. He lived through the world wars, not even noticing them. His castle was protected by both technology and "magic", somewhat strange mix that was working good for him. But after a thousand years he started getting... Depressed. He wanted some company, because his castle seamed so... Empty. He still had his high expectations about everyone and was paranoid about everything and everyone, but... He wanted someone to... At least TRY to meet them.

A while ago he finally found what he was looking for, when a, at least for him, rather annoying female, who happened to be a natural born irken by the name of Hannah (Fudgymaniac's character). He started to think of her as a friend, then something more, though he's not really sure what their relationship is right now.

He got in Edge of Logic by experimenting in his basement (Gavin, being bored, having such a long life, decided about a thousand years ago to start experimenting and finding what powers he has, as in - alchemist powers, but mostly - how to clean things faster and easier. He even found out he was able to levitate and even levitate objects or live things). A strange black cat with green eyes and one white spot on it's muzzle got through one of the windows, causing Gavin to freak out and spill a mixture on both himself and the cat. To Gavin's surprise, the mixture didn't do anything to either (though he knew it was sort of lethal), but it made a huge black hole in the ground (or at least that is what Gavin thought. What he didn't know was that it was actually the cat who did this "portal"), right in front both Gavin and the cat. As Gavin stared at it with a mix of shock and curiosity, the hole's gravitational field started pulling him in. He fell through, shutting his eyes closed, waiting for whatever was going to happen, but after a couple of seconds he found himself face first on the ground of a strange, new place. As he got up, he saw the black cat watching him with it's big green eyes, as if it was expecting something from him. He got up and started to wonder the City World, the black cat right next to him.

Continent/Planet of Residence: Currently in City World

Any other interesting stuff: He is secretly in love with Hannah, but is afraid to admit it to himself (though he has said and admitted it to himself that he likes her). He tends to act cold when he starts to get mad. He is antisocial, but at times seems to act very outgoing (mostly when in a good mood). He named the cat "Noom" (Just like Hannah and Terry's mommy, though Hannah has never told him about her family, has she? Wink), for the first sound he heard from her (the cat is female) when he asked what her names was, was "Noooom".

Here and now I make my own rules and YOU can't do anything about it.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles!   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 5:09 am

Name: Sunny sunny

Race: Irken

Gender: Female

Age: 15 almost 16 human years.

Appearance: She's 5 feet 4 inches tall. She wears a puffy dress and has long boots. She doesn't have a Pak. Sunny has curly antennas and 4 big eyelashes.

Powers/Skills: She has the power of innocence ,which makes other people like her(She doesn't know she has that power).

History: Not much is known (or at least I can't think of anything XD)

Planet of Residence: The Ice World

Interesting things (or maybe not Very Happy) : She has a best friend - William. For some reason she's happy almost all of the time even though she's very clumsy and would get hurt if William wasn't there to save her.


Name: William Wink

Race: Irken

Gender: Male

Age:16 human years.

Appearance: He's 5 feet 11 inches tall. He wears long sleeved shirts ,jeans and sneakers. He doesn't have a Pak either. Williams antennas are long and are shaped like a "W".

Powers/Skills: He can make snow balls and throw them really far XD.

History: Not much is known about him -just like Sunny.

Planet of Residence: The Ice World

Interesting things (or maybe not Very Happy) : He is Sunny's best friend and always helps her. He doesn't talk a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles!   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 6:08 am

Lubiniki made me do this >>


Name: Sari
Gender: Female
Age: Round the 35 I think XD
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Former model, stopped after she got her child
Loves: Her husband Wondy (Lubi's character), Lex (Her son), being dominant, pie, her dog Jack, scare the sh*t out of Wondy.
Hates: Wondy and Lex (sometimes XD), meatloaf, pink.
Current Recidence: Irk

Name: Lex
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Relationship: Taken
Occupation: none
Loves: Keli his girlfriend (Lubi's character), his mommy :3, pretty much everything XD
Hates: when Sari interferes with his life (which happens a lot)
Current Recidence: Irk

Name: Asena
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Relationship: Taken (I think)
occupation: none
Loves: Moris (lubiniki's XD), Moris's sis Duga (Lubiniki's), being able to walk, swimming
Hates: Her sis Kubra, being a Merken (She was a Merken, now normal Irken)
Current Recidence: Irk

Name: Dood
Gender: Male
Age: Immortal
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Reaper (the worst one that excists)
Loves: Arsenic (his wife, Lubiniki's), Keli (his daughter, Lubiniki's), stuff that has alcohol in it, violent music
Hates: Butterflies and ladybugs (they're ebil D:), Getting a hangover, getting rejected
Current Recidence: Irk

Name: Noah
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Relationship: I think she's still single, though she does like someone :3
Occupation: Invader
Loves: not much
Hates: Zim and almost everything
Current Recidence: Earth

Name: Summer
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Relationship: single (though she did almost every male she ever met)
occupation: none *coughwhorecough*
Loves: Fashion, parties, boys
Hates: That everyone calls her dumb (What she is :3)
Current Recidence: Irk

Ok then, those were most of my IZ charachters :3 now the not IZ related 8D

Name: Celestia Ejderha (from Assassin's Creed)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Human
Relationship: Single (for now B) )
Occupation: She works with some other woman in the assassin bureau (cleaning and cooking and stuffs)
Loves: Teasing Altaïr, Altaïr Celestia: No I don't D<
Hates: That men are dominant
Current residence: Masyaf in 1191

Name: Regan Mace
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human/demon
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Just the princess of Hell c:
Loves: Demian (her husband), her Hellhound
Hates: Humans
Current Recidence: Hell
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PostSubject: Char Info   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2009 8:27 am

( Warning - loooong thing. Practically a story! 83 )

Name: Hannah

Race: irken

Class (optional): criminal/organized theft and more

Gender: female

Appearance: A little under 5 feet tall. Not exactly sickly pale skin, but has a gray pigment that makes it look like it’s always covered with a layer of ash. Around her eyes, however, it gets incredibly dark, creating a kind of look which would make her appearance incredibly tired if it wasn’t for her bright eyes. Orange, energetic, it is advised not to look at them for too long or you’ll get a strong headache. Wears a stylish purple suit over her orange shirt and typical irken long black gloves and boots. Antennas look torn-like on the ends, and on the both sides.

Picture: http://fudgymaniac.deviantart.com/art/all-about-taking-the-risk-122427096

Powers (if any)/Skills: Hannah is ,with full rights, called one of the greatest thieves in history of the galaxy(at least the parts we know, that is). She’s a brilliant creator and improver of weapons, using her talent to make gadgets others wouldn’t think of, or just had a conscience that prevented them from making. She’s very practical and resourceful. Athletic, trained kick boxing on Earth. Special place in her heart is reserved for bombs.

History: Being an older twin in the family, she quickly learned how to be independent at early age. She, her parents Noom and Zon, as well as her three second younger brother Terrance, lived on Earth among humans. Hannah was a neighborhood prankster and unwilling protector of her brother from bullies. Because of her time spent on Earth, she even today remembers all the human movies and music she watched as a kid, and uses quotes from them to tease and even more confuse her enemies/victims. Always fascinated with parents’ stories about irkens, she dreamed of becoming a part of this advanced, un-moronic how she thought, society. However she got disappointed. When she grew up she set off to Irk. There, her request to become anything, even a simple soldier of Irken army was rejected. As they said, being a natural born on Earth that wasn’t reported she didn’t have a code in irken database, neither even a PAK.
Her vision of irkens was crushed as she started living among them. Being a civilian and watching them up-close now, already cynical and bitter Hannah who thought they were an intelligent, fearsome race got, if it’s possible, even more cynical and bitter. She realized that they’re morons, the same like humans if not even more pathetic with their delusions of superiority. Reaching that sense of epiphany, Hannah felt numb for a while. She lost any sense of purpose.

Soon however, her long lost sense of making fun of things, her long forgotten “prankster call” grew inside of her. Her only way to get the hang of the world, and the only way to keep her sanity was – to see everything as a joke. With a desire to show the world how pathetic it really is, she turned to her only choice left , criminal. Gathering a group of danger seekers she started a gang of thieves which soon got famous. Getting away with impossible crimes, they became the terror of the galaxy and Hannah, it seems, has found her purpose again. To have fun. 8D

Continent/Planet of Residence: Travels through open space in her ship.

Any other interesting stuff: Hannah has forgotten the value of a life. Living beings in her eyes are all the same, moronic. Stupid in so many ways that she completely lost her compassion for them. Thus, she became cruel and merciless. Tricky, can turn situation anyway so that it suits her and twist the truth. She doesn’t lie. Just gives the truth a plastic surgery. Obviously ambiguous, she loves giving people false hope , then watching them realize it’s gone. Playful and ruthless, enjoys taking incredible risks where even all her fellow colleagues chicken out. The sweeter she is to her enemy, the rougher she is to her “friends”. Mentioning her “colleagues”, there is no question who’s the boss on the ship. You can ask, though expect nothing but a gunshot.
Despite some of her acts, Hannah is a highly reasonable person. She just loves pretending to be innocent and playfully naïve, especially when she’s blowing something ( or someone ) up.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles!   Character Profiles! I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2009 8:52 pm

Name: Sythico

Race: Human (Homo Sapien)

Class (optional): King of the Golden Aramada; Aesos

Gender: Male

Appearance: A Beautiful, soft skinned, man. Full of grace and honour, his pride cannot be hurt. No matter what. He has a stature of 6ft with no blemishes in his stance nor features. Everything about this man makes women love him but men very jealous.
His uniform of Gold, Orange and White silk oriental-esc attire. White base apparel with Orange description and Gold details. White silk gloves and white woven shoes. A magic is placed upon his clothes to rid of harm.

Powers (if any)/Skills: His magic resides within the gods he follows. Whenever he wishes he calls upon their powers in any way he wishes.

History: At a memoryless age his parents were killed by marauding footmen of his continent's king. He was left to die in the blood drenched village but instead was found by a feared pirate lord dubbed the name 'Gunner' of which took him in and made him his apprentice to his outlaw throne. Through years of training in war and religion Sythico grew to be the greatest warrior and tactician and eventually surpassed his teacher. One day through a large battle Gunner was assassinated. Through a blinding rage Sythico took up Gunner's weapon and destroyed everyone who stood before him and ridded the world of the pathetic legion that cowardly killed his teacher. Sythico became feared across the land, his home planet was at threat from his ever growing pirate fleet until eventually the planet was his. Once the land and seas of his home were his he wanted to take the sky and beyond so used his ever growing technology and created 'Aesos', the largest space ship the land had ever seen.
Through his years he took and plundered planets and used them to make his fleet and Armada. Sythico's dream was finally seen.

Continent/Planet of Residence:

Originally named: Carris.
Renamed: Breathless.

Any other interesting stuff: Sythico's original weaponary lists: His trusty pistol-blade of which was made by Gunner as Sythico's first real weapon. The weapon was later customised to instead use laser and magically enchanted to cut through any material. Sythico also wields Gunner's Axe-Headed Pole Arm. A graceful and powerful weapon built to swiftly take down all opponents, also has a ranged laser cannon with immense strength. The blade also enchanted to cut through any material.
Together, dual-wielded, Sythico uses them to cut down any in his path, no matter the range.


Name: Jertz

Race: Myth

Class (optional): Hermit

Gender: Unknown

Appearance: A hunched withered man, he seems to be weighed by the amount of armour he wears, his attire lists; A white/silver tinted thick fur cloak that covers most of his body, Thick armor that is heavily hidden by the cloak, when seen it seems to have swirls of patterns, predominantly white with golden, green and red patterns. His face is hidden by a Kabuki mask with red patterns similar to his armor about it. His eyes, just seen through the mask, are mismatched, one gold and one silver. He carries a pure white stave that seems to be made from some kind of wood but infact doesn't even exist in his hand, merely an illusion.

Powers (if any)/Skills: A Mage that can bend elements and control them at his will.

History: Forever wandering the universe gaining more and more knowledge, he travels as a ball of magic throughout the land, rarely seen as his human form. Throughout his immortal years he has seen many battles, faught on the side of fate and has rid most of the universes wars. Although not a fighter he merely changes minor things in the air and the string effect changes the will of war.

Continent/Planet of Residence: Hermit, so doesn't live anywhere.


Name: Keln 'Kel' Birrow

Race: Elvaan

Class (optional): Travelling Spirit

Gender: Male

Appearance: A 16 year old young Elvaan boy with tanned skin, humanoid body, long furry tail and 10 inch long pointed elvish ears. Wears scruffy brown rags with a rope belt and a scruffy blonde head of hair. Handsome boy with strange unknown power.

Powers (if any)/Skills: Only the basic magic/symbology of the Elvaan race as well as Voidwalking.

History: As a baby his parents owned a wealthy business, high in the social chain and loved by all. The Birrow's were eventually struck by jealousy and were eventually assassinated and all their wealth were stolen. Keln sat in a cradle as this all happened, crying for his mother. Eventually when he was found he was taken to the deepest crater on the elven planet, where he was then nurtured and taught the ways of the slum and how to survive his rough years. Again his life went through turmoil, at the age of 8 the planet started to scourge and the law enforcers found the slum, taking everyone old enough into custody and the youth into adoption. Keln was taken from another group just before the enforcers nabbed him. The family were strange people that believed in the ways of symbolism and the magics of the universe. They taught the boy some minor spells and allowed him to live in the new world.
8 years on Keln again was struck with ill luck once his new family had found a new, unknown, spell; the family ignited themselves in a burst of uncontrollable magic. Keln decided to just live his life on his own, travelling through the world and the new fabrics he had recently learned about voids and their travel by using the notebook the family left him. All Keln does is travel to find the new most fun thing.

Continent/Planet of Residence: Vanadiel
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