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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 3:28 am

Okay, it#'s simple and straight. If you break the rules, a punishment will be thought up for you on the spot.

The First Rule: NO GOD-MODDING.

When you roleplay in our forums you won't be allowed to write another person's character's reaction to something your character has done UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. So, for instance, if you write;

"Kanex fires his ultra-death-gun at Felod, who ducks out of the way and responds with a shot from his Supra-Beam-Cannon"

then That's Godmodding.

all you can write is;

"Kanex fires his ultra-death-gun at felod." But don't be put of by that. instead, I'd do something like this:

"Kanex fires his ultra-death-gun at felod, while wall-running along the corridor they're fighting in and flipping in midair"

Because that's DAMN COOL. The same applies to non-combat situations.

"Kanex grinned and said 'felod. you suck.' Felod glowered back."

That's godmodding too. it's not so bad but if we (the moderators and admin) see it happening we'll pull you up on it. So be warned!!

The Second Rule: HAVE MANNERS!!

This isn't a gaming forum, it's not a political forum and it's not a forum for discrediting other people. If we see ANY unnecessary flaming or insulting out of character then we WILL intervene. No exceptions. If you need a moderator don't worry. We're the ones with the hammers in our avatars. Wink

Try not to swear when you roleplay. I'm sure most of you will swear all over the place outside these forums but try and make up a swear word instead. For instance: "Feth."

The Third Rule: NO SPAMMING.

If we see you having out-of-character conversations in a roleplaying forum, we'll tell you to move it to the General Chat Forum. it's as simple as that.

The same goes for if someone replies to something in a way that clearly takes the conversation or the roleplay out of just roleplaying territory. Spamming is not acceptable.

The Fourth Rule: HAVE FUN.

SRS BSNS. If someone's annoying you, just leave the discussion. Personally I find it just as annoying when people whine about an argument as when they start one, so if it happens just be the bigger roleplayer and walk away. Of course, if someone's got a real problem or if they're breaking any of the rules then report them, but don't get into an argument or anything. this place is for fun, arguments have no place here.


When starting new threads in the play-by-post RP areas, please name the thread after the area which is used in the thread. When moving to a new area, use a new thread. Threads that are not named appropriately will be renamed. Please be sure to check that a certain type of area does not exist before creating it. When a thread becomes full, simply create a new thread with the old threads name and a number showing which version of that thread this thread is. For instance when the first thread is full, the next will have a 2 at the end.

The Dude is Watching. Peace Out.
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Forum Rules
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