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 Play-by-post Guidelines

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PostSubject: Play-by-post Guidelines   Play-by-post Guidelines I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 9:58 pm

Mostly for those of you who have never played a play-by-post rp before more then anything, here are a few guidelines of what you could do to help you get started. Note that you DONT have to use these at all if you dont want, but it generally helps make seeing what everyone is doing easier Wink

When posting in an RP area, anything in standard text is considered to be what your character is doing.

Anything in Speech marks is considered to be what your character is saying, and anything in italics is either what they are thinking, or what they are communicating to certain other players telepathically, or through some other non-verbal means.

If you wish to say something OOC, then an easy method is to use brackets to show that your character is not doing or saying what is in said brackets.

When your character moves to another area (ie, another thread), it is best to say that your character leaves the area they are in and to say which area they are headed towards, then go to the thread of the area they are headed to and post the arrival of your character.

Speaking of character arrival, when you bring in a character who was previously not in the game, just have them 'appear' as if they were there from the beginning, though be sure that it makes sense for them to be there (dont have them randomly appear in the middle of an ocean without good cause for instance).

Thats about it, other then that feel free to let your imagination run wild in what you do and how you do it Wink and REMEMBER!!! above all else, NO - GOD - MODDING!!!

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Play-by-post Guidelines
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